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Utricularia Uniflora
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Mensaje Utricularia Uniflora 
Hola a todos
acabo de empezar en el mundo de las utricularias y ahora tengo la utricularia uniflora reflex lover cotello , no tengo ni idea de como cuidarla ni nada sobre ella, porque he buscado informacion pero nada ¿me podeis ayudar?

ahora mismo los cuidados que le estoy dando son los mismos que la de una heliamphora, de echo la tengo metida con la heliamphora como muestro en la foto. Tiene una base sobre cuatro dedos de agua, para que tenga humedad, unos basitos donde estan metidos para poder regarlas y la tapadera con agujeritos para que mantenga la humedad susodicha, la destapo aprox. una hora cada 2 o 3 dias para que se renueve el aire, le da luz indirecta todo el dia y quizas un poco de luz directa a primeras horas de la mañana.


espero vuestras respuestas

muchas graciaas ^_^

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Mensaje Re: Utricularia Uniflora 
Aquí tienes los cuidados según Barry Rice
"The culture of this plant is easy. I use a method that works for almost all the tropical Utricularia except those that do better in live Sphagnum, and of course aquatics and semi-aquatics. When carnivorous plant growers refer to "standard Utricularia culture," the following procedure (or close to it) is usually what is meant. Use either pure dead milled Sphagnum or a 2:1 peat-sand mix in a 5 cm (2'') pot. I use water purified by distillation or reverse osmosis and keep the water table at least a few cm beneath the soil surface. For established plants Slack suggests raising the water table above the soil surface but I don't. I know some growers are fortunate enough to be able to use tap water, but my Arizona tap water contains far too many dissolved chemicals. Keep them warm year round, around 20-30°C (68-86°F). If the plants are kept warmer they will survive but the flowers do not last as long. Since they are found in shady places in the wild I give them medium light. While this means some shade in the greenhouse, the light available in most 4-6 fluorescent bulb terrarium set-ups is fine. Even in the best conditions, U. uniflora does not grow quickly. It takes several months to fill the surface of a 5 cm pot with its little leaves. Its stolons do not explore too deeply into the pot, and I have never seen the plant grow out of the bottom as often happens with other species. Still, it is easy to propagate--carefully detach from the mother pot a hunk of leaves, stolons, and bladders, and plant it in a new pot. In time you will be rewarded with a display of lovely and long-lived flowers. While none of the major carnivorous plant nurseries offer U. uniflora and it is rarely if ever stocked in the ICPS seedbank, many CPers grow the plant and by writing around you can usually locate some. Despite attempts at selfing and cross pollination, I have never been able to yield seed from my plants."


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