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Últimas semillas añadidas: help with writing a personal statement
B10/09/2016 Sarracenia Minor??/??/ Genlisea filiformis (2010) 1,50€
B//2014 Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis "Alabama" x (x excellens)20/03/ Drosera spatulata var. lovellae (2010) 1,50€
A20/10/2013 Sarracenia oreophila "Sand Mountain" x minor "Okefenokee giant. Stocky form."01/03/2012 Sarracenia alata 1,50€
A07/11/2013 Sarracenia leucophylla "Green & white form, pubescent pitchers. Very white throat. (L72 MK)" x leucophylla "Yel15/09/2012 Sarracenia x wrigleyana x Hybrid C 1,50€
A21/10/2013 Sarracenia leucophylla "Slack's Clone" x (x chelsonii x Marston Select)01/04/2010 Drosera spatulata 1,50€

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